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  • Precious Pooches Luxury Topper Collection

    Precious Pooches Luxury Topper Collection

    Whether it’s letting them curl up in our beds taking up all the space, spoiling them with tasty treats and the finest foods, or taking them to be groomed up to the nines, we really do enjoy pampering our pets…. and why not?.. They deserve it! Dogs and cats make wonderful companions, as they don’t care whether you’re young, old, tall, short, rich or poor – they love us unconditionally and are an integral part of so many people’s family lives.
    Fussies Doodles head office is no different! The company is full of pet lovers and Fussies Doodles have their own gorgeous little pussy cats, Pheobe, the big boss she has been with us the longest with her pretty black fur and very lady like behaviour. Tabitha the kitty in the middle who is scared of everything  even her own refection but loves other pussy cats and strokies from the humans she loves. And finally we have Roo the Kitten who bounces all around the place sticking her nose in everything (Which is fun with sticky mitts and double sided tape.)
    The all-new Pampered Paws collection is contemporary and quirky whilst still being incredibly cute. We have included a vast mixture of designs and colours to ensure wide-reaching appeal and a variety of sentiments provides suitability for many occasions. We’re sure you will all appreciate the witty sentiments and themes throughout, including our pampered pooches and kitties enjoying the life of luxury with bubble baths, bones and bling!
    The topper sets contain that added touch of luxury that Hunkydory fans know and love, in the form of their foiled elements and Adorable Scorable cardstock. With a twist on the usual gold and silver foiling, this collection offers stunning foiled textures that beautifully catch the light and add delightful depth and dimension.

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